Andradite is a calcium iron silicate mineral belonging to the garnet group, specifically the nesosilicates class. It is known for its diverse color range, which includes yellow, green, brown, and black, as well as its resinous to vitreous luster. Andradite is characterized by its well-formed dodecahedral, trapezohedral, or mixed crystal structures, which can vary in size. The mineral is commonly found in contact metamorphic rocks and in some cases, skarns, frequently associated with minerals such as diopside, epidote, and calcite.


Andradite itself is not widely used in industrial applications, but it holds importance as a member of the garnet group, which has a variety of uses. Garnets are used as abrasives in industries like waterjet cutting and sandblasting, as well as in filtration systems. Additionally, garnets are utilized in the production of various types of jewelry due to their attractive appearance and durability.


Andradite is considered a gemstone, particularly its colorful and rare variety known as demantoid, which boasts a green hue and is highly prized for its brilliance and fire. This extraordinary gemstone is sought after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike for its rarity, beauty, and exceptional dispersion, which often exceeds that of a diamond. Andradite gemstones, including demantoid, are used in various jewelry items such as rings, necklaces, and earrings, offering unique and captivating options for those looking for distinctive pieces.


Andradite forms in nature through contact metamorphism, where high-temperature fluids interact with limestone or other calcium-rich rocks. This process results in the formation of andradite crystals, along with other minerals commonly found in contact metamorphic environments. The presence of different trace elements can lead to the variety of colors observed in andradite specimens.


Andradite can be found in numerous geographical locations around the world. Significant deposits of andradite have been discovered in Russia, particularly in the Ural Mountains, which are known for their demantoid variety. Other notable occurrences of andradite can be found in Italy, Iran, Mexico, and the United States. These regions offer diverse geological environments suitable for the formation of andradite minerals.


In metaphysical and spiritual practices, andradite is believed to possess a range of beneficial properties. The mineral is said to help individuals overcome fear, boost self-confidence, and increase physical and emotional vitality. Andradite is also considered a stone of grounding and protection, helping to strengthen one’s connection to the Earth and dispel negative energies. Additionally, the mineral is thought to promote creative thinking, willpower, and motivation, supporting personal growth and achievement.

LusterResinous to vitreous
Hardness (Mohs)6.5 – 7
ColorYellow, green, brown, black
Specific Gravity3.8 – 3.9