Arsenic is a chemical element and a metalloid element known for its distinct metallic gray color and its toxic nature. It belongs to group 15 of the periodic table and exhibits a rhombohedral crystal structure. Arsenic can be found in various forms, including its native state, as well as in the form of sulfides and arsenates.


Despite its notorious reputation, arsenic has a variety of uses. Historically, arsenic compounds have been employed as pigments, insecticides, and wood preservatives. However, due to increased awareness of its toxic properties, the use of arsenic in these applications has declined. Arsenic is now primarily used in the electronics industry, particularly in the production of semiconductors and optoelectronic devices. It is also utilized in the manufacturing of certain types of glass and as a doping agent in semiconductors.


Arsenic is not considered a gemstone and is not used in jewelry.


Arsenic is produced in nature through various geological processes. It can be formed as a result of hydrothermal activity, volcanic emissions, or the weathering of arsenic-containing minerals. These processes can lead to the formation of arsenic deposits in different forms, such as native arsenic, arsenopyrite, or realgar.


Arsenic is found in various geological environments, including igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. It occurs in association with other metal ores, such as copper, lead, and gold. Some of the most significant deposits of arsenic can be found in China, Mexico, Morocco, and the United States. These areas are known for their abundance of geological environments suitable for the formation of arsenic-bearing minerals.


In metaphysical and spiritual practices, arsenic is not commonly used due to its toxic nature. However, some practitioners believe that arsenic possesses transformative and purifying properties, symbolizing the transmutation of negative energies into positive ones. It is important to note that handling arsenic or using it in spiritual practices is not recommended, as its toxicity poses significant health risks.

ClassNative Element
Hardness (Mohs)3.5
ColorMetallic gray
Specific Gravity5.72