Lawsonite is a hydrous calcium aluminum silicate mineral belonging to the sorosilicate class. Its distinct physical characteristics include a pale blue to colorless appearance with a vitreous luster, and it forms well-defined, elongated prismatic or tabular crystals. The mineral is commonly found in high-pressure, low-temperature metamorphic rocks, such as blueschist facies and eclogite facies rocks.


Lawsonite is not utilized commercially due to its rarity and the difficulty in accessing it. However, it is of significant interest to geologists and mineralogists as an indicator mineral for high-pressure, low-temperature metamorphic environments. The presence of lawsonite helps geologists understand the metamorphic history and tectonic setting of the rocks it is found within.


While lawsonite is not typically used as a gemstone, its pale blue to colorless crystals and vitreous luster can be visually appealing to mineral collectors. However, due to its scarcity and the challenging environments in which it is found, lawsonite remains a rare and prized specimen for collectors rather than a commercially viable gemstone.


Lawsonite forms through the metamorphism of rocks under high-pressure, low-temperature conditions. The mineral is created when oceanic crustal rocks are subjected to these extreme conditions during subduction, a process where one tectonic plate is forced beneath another. The presence of lawsonite in metamorphic rocks is indicative of the high-pressure conditions that the rocks experienced during their formation.


Lawsonite is found in specific geological settings where high-pressure, low-temperature metamorphism occurs, most notably in subduction zones. It has been reported in locations such as the Franciscan Complex in California, the Western Alps in Europe, the Sanbagawa metamorphic belt in Japan, and the Greek island of Syros. These regions are characterized by tectonic activity and are known for their blueschist and eclogite facies rocks.


Although there are no widely recognized metaphysical properties associated with lawsonite, some individuals may be drawn to the mineral due to its rarity and unique formation conditions. As an indicator of high-pressure metamorphism, it could symbolize resilience and the ability to endure challenging circumstances while maintaining stability and inner strength.

Hardness (Mohs)8
ColorPale blue to colorless
CleavagePerfect in one direction, good in another
Specific Gravity3.05 – 3.11