Molybdenite is a molybdenum sulfide mineral known for its bluish-gray to silvery color and metallic luster. Its physical characteristics include hexagonal, foliated, or massive crystal structures that exhibit a distinct greasy feel. Molybdenite is commonly found in hydrothermal veins and pegmatites associated with granite intrusions and is often associated with minerals such as quartz, pyrite, and chalcopyrite.


Molybdenite is the primary ore for the production of molybdenum, which is used in various applications such as the manufacturing of steel and other alloys, electrical contacts, and filaments. Molybdenum is an essential alloying element, as it improves the corrosion resistance, hardness, and high-temperature strength of steel and other metals. Additionally, molybdenum compounds are used as catalysts in the petroleum industry and as lubricants in high-temperature environments.


Molybdenite is created in nature through various geological processes, including the crystallization of magma and the circulation of hydrothermal fluids. It is formed from the interaction of molybdenum-bearing fluids with sulfur-rich rocks in a variety of geological environments. During these processes, molybdenite crystals form as a result of the arrangement of molybdenum and sulfur atoms. This process can occur over various timescales, and the resulting molybdenite crystals can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes.


Molybdenite is primarily found in hydrothermal veins and pegmatite deposits associated with granite intrusions, as well as in porphyry copper deposits. Some of the most significant deposits of molybdenite can be found in the United States, Canada, Chile, China, and Russia. These areas are known for their abundance of geological environments suitable for the formation of molybdenite minerals.


In metaphysical and spiritual practices, molybdenite is believed to have a range of properties. The mineral is said to help individuals overcome procrastination and self-doubt, promoting self-confidence, motivation, and the ability to take action. Molybdenite is also considered a stone of transformation, supporting personal growth and change. Additionally, the mineral is said to promote mental clarity and focus, and can be used to enhance one’s creativity and intuitive abilities.

Hardness (Mohs)1-1.5
StreakBluish gray
ColorBluish gray, silvery
CleavagePerfect in one direction
Specific Gravity4.6 – 4.8