Nickel is a transition metal known for its lustrous silver-white appearance, high ductility, and resistance to corrosion. This metallic element exhibits a cubic crystal structure, and it is ferromagnetic at room temperature. Nickel is often found in association with other transition metals, such as iron and copper, and occurs in various minerals, including garnierite and pentlandite.


Nickel is an essential metal used in various applications, including the production of stainless steel, which is known for its corrosion resistance and durability. It is also a critical component in the manufacturing of nickel-based superalloys, which exhibit excellent mechanical properties and resistance to high temperatures. These superalloys are widely used in the aerospace, power generation, and petrochemical industries. Additionally, nickel is employed in the production of rechargeable batteries, plating, and various electronic components.


Nickel is not considered a gemstone, and it is not used in jewelry due to its potential to cause allergic reactions in some individuals.


Nickel is created in nature through various geological processes, such as the crystallization of magma, the weathering of rocks, and the metamorphism of iron- and nickel-bearing minerals. It can also be found in trace amounts in meteorites, as it is a product of supernova nucleosynthesis.


Nickel is primarily found in the form of sulfide minerals, such as pentlandite and millerite, and lateritic minerals like garnierite. These minerals can be found in various geological environments, including igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. Some of the most significant deposits of nickel can be found in Canada, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, and New Caledonia. These regions are known for their abundance of geological environments suitable for the formation of nickel minerals.


In metaphysical and spiritual practices, nickel is associated with resilience, determination, and the ability to adapt to change. It is believed to help individuals release negative energies and emotions, and to promote feelings of perseverance and courage. Nickel is also considered a metal of transformation, symbolizing the power of personal growth and the evolution of one’s inner strength.

ClassNative Element
Hardness (Mohs)4
Specific Gravity8.908